CheckYourFood Group all device platform

Putting nutrition and well-being at the heart of care plans

The CheckYourFood Group online nutrition platform takes the guesswork out of menu planning and maximises the effectiveness of your meals.

Ensure that your meals are maximising the health and well-being of your clients

  • Drive up care quality with science backed personalised nutrition
  • Save time with accurate and speedy digital recipe analysis and menu planning
  • Ensure your clients are getting the best nutrition possible by easily tracking their overall nutrient intake digitally
  • Build your own database of highly nutritious meals for easy dietary analysis
  • Give family access to the health benefits being provided to their loved ones

Have confidence that you are providing the most nutritious menu possible!

The CheckYourFood group platform allows users to select the perfect foods, track full daily nutrient intakes, analyse & store recipes, plan menus and learn about the real science based health benefits of ordinary daily food.

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