Europe’s largest producer of salad vegetables

The CheckYourFood Group connected with John Shropshire the chairman of G’s Fresh at the 2017 Veg summit, an event set up by the Food Foundation to promote the eating of, advertising for and policy pledges to increase the consumption of more veg.

We spoke up for the nutritional benefits of the potato and after the event John approached us asking if what we had said about the humble spud was true, as he was Britain’s biggest potato farmer!

Upon conformation John asked CheckYourFood to become a technology partner to G’s Fresh as they seek to gain knowledge of the nutritional content & potential health benefits of their core products, and make legitimate health claims that comply with EU regulations using our nutritional analysis and comparison tools.

G’s Fresh have their own Branded Enterprise version of the CheckYourFood Group platform with custom tools to aid them in their quest of maximising the nutritional benefits of their produce.

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