The CheckYourFood Group offers consultancy services covering all aspects of nutrition and health claims enhancement and compliance.

Our policy on all consultancy services is to provide the client with an accurate costing, delivery schedule and specification for agreement prior to any work being carried out.

In the event of the need for a re-specification/re-costing during the work this would also be agreed between the client and the CheckYourFood Group before being carried out.

All consultancy services – charges starting @ £120 per hour.

Ad hoc recipe analysis

The CheckYourFood group can provide a compliant analysis of any recipe for nutrition and health claims when provided with ingredient amounts and cooking methods.

Refined research

CYFG head of science on a hand and brain science backdrop

The CheckYourFood Group will engage in any area of nutritional science research as directed by the client, and will provide the client with fully referenced documentation of the findings after an agreed period of research time.

Unique ingredient tracking

Ingredients and the CheckYourFood Group platform on a smart phone and tablet

On instruction from the client the CheckYourFood Group will look to find the most accurate nutritional analysis of any ingredient required by the client that is not currently on the platform. If appropriate data is found this ingredient will be added to the client’s exclusive database of ingredients.

Focused ingredient analysis

A slice of kiwi fruit under a microscope

The CheckYourFood Group can arrange for ‘focused’ ingredient analysis based on the most likely nutrients that will qualify for claims to be made.

Powerful general health claims

The Advertising Standards Authority logo

The CheckYourFood Group can prepare powerful ‘general’ health claims (marketing slogans) to partner the ‘Specific’ health claims the clients product has qualified for. The CheckYourFood Group will provide credible backing to general claims and seek Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) advice and approval on general health claims.

Innovative labeling

A careful shopper checking the labels in a supermarket aisle

Labeling is key to successful promotion. The CheckYourFood Group can advise on creative approaches to the most engaging and compliant labeling.

Exclusive new claim applications

Glasses on a paper next to a laptop

The CheckYourFood Group can carry out an initial investigation into the required evidence, and advise the client on viability before moving towards preparing a health claim and submitting it. Initial investigations are generally set at 21 hours of research time.

Subsequent to the findings of an initial investigation, if the client wishes to move forward towards a claim submission, the CheckYourFood Group will provide an accurate costing and delivery schedule to be agreed prior to further work commencing.

Sensory testing

Through our industry partners we can arrange for full sensory testing (look/taste/texture) of any food product during innovation & development.


The client may request any other service not outlined here from the CheckYourFood Group and we will advise the client on viability and costings, or make alternative recommendations.

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