The CheckYourFood Group deepens its science based roots

Dr Lee Reid a Biochemist and Neuroscientist with more than 10 years experience of research in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry has joined the CheckYourFood Group as Head of Science.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Reid on board and are looking forward to his invaluable input.

The CheckYourFood Group started from a base of the science-based health benefits of nutrients.

Whilst we got so far in-house as we moved into the education and nutrition and health claims sectors, we realised the need for a fully qualified scientist to oversee our offering.

Dr Reid is committed to evidence based nutritional science. He now is in the process of overhauling all the science-based health benefits on the two platforms and is paying close attention to the validity of the EFSA sanctioned health claims.

CheckYourFood Group members can now access Dr Reid’s latest research, giving users accurate health benefits, educators a reference point for their students and giving food producers/growers a window on potential new health claim submissions for their products.

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