Nutrifix started as a physical list. A DIY database of the best places and meals to eat that the founder, Joel Burgess, used to get his health and fitness back on track.

With a life on-the-go, Joel ate out a lot, and his diet suffered as a result. The list would quickly point him to the food in high street restaurants that best matched his nutritional needs.

Soon Joel was being badgered by friends and colleagues to create lists for them. It was this badgering – and his burgeoning mission to make eating healthy simple and fun – that spurred Joel to create the Nutrifix app.

We met Joel at Food Matters Live and set him and his colleagues up with our recipe analyser that factors in all nutrients, the effects of cooking on nutrients, the authorised health claims and the % of RI each nutrient in each meal they analyse meets.

Nutrifix can export the analysis at any time to be re-absorbed into their apps.

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