The CheckYourFood Group (CYFG) approach to nutritional science

The CYFG science department is behind all the science publication paywalls and only references the findings of full studies.

CYFG only utilise the most credible, latest and emerging science, with a preference for evidence based on human studies and Cochrane reviews, (internationally recognised as the highest standard in evidence-based health care resources).

All health benefit information derived from ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’ evidence is presented with suitable provisos.

All information is fully referenced with links to the abstract or publication from the reference.

Evidence based on the effects of severe deficiency syndromes is not treated as strong evidence for general health benefits. If the EFSA has authorised claims on this basis the evidence is qualified with provisos such as ‘suggests’ and ‘may’. See Biotin.

CYFG check the evidence for the EFSA health claims and highlight the ones we consider to be supported by the best current available evidence.

The wording of the synopses is to a target audience of level 3 or above (adult literacy levels).

All the science on the CheckYourFood Group platform is reviewed regularly with review dates given on the nutrient pages..

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